Power of Insight

Resources. Time. Knowledge. Three things always in scarcity, yet three things critical to moving your operation forward. Shift stress away from your organization while accelerating your progress by partnering with Ocean Optics scientists and utilizing our next-generation machine learning architecture and world-class laboratory facilities. With options specifically catered to your scope and price point, we offer a special level of custom insight you won’t find from any other commercial group.

For those needing a quick answer to a quick question, such as whether an analyte is detectable or an ideal piece of equipment, we offer a Fixed Price package that gets you the knowledge you need quickly and affordably. For those interested in deeper investigations, we offer a Custom package that lets you outline your own scope and maintain a close partnership with the scientists conducting your study. And for those dealing with massive data sets or complex analysis, we offer custom algorithm development services based on state-of-the-art multi-model machine learning and A.I. These services work together to provide critical answers to push your development forward, and do so by fusing decades of past spectral knowledge with the advanced computing capabilities of tomorrow. Choose a path that works for you and start a conversation with an Ocean scientist today.